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Winter Arts Season – Behind the Scenes

This winter season has revealed itself being as busy as the rest of the year, but I am thrilled to have had so many opportunities to exhibit my work in the past months. My solo exhibition in Romania has more

Noi şi pământul, culegeri fotografice – My First Solo Photographic Exhibition in Romania

I have the great pleasure in inviting you all to my very first solo photographic exhibition that will be held on December 9th-12th in Targu-Jiu, Romania, at the Alexandru Stefulescu Museum. I am so thrilled more

A Winter View and a Delicious Cronut Recipe

It’s been ten days since I returned to Czech Republic for my winter break. I finished my fall quarter at SCAD with great results and a 4.0 GPA. I feel so happy for passing my review for candidacy to take more

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Anniversary Memories and a Banana Cream Cheese Genoise


A few days ago I celebrated my anniversary with this delicious genoise topped with banana cream cheese. I can not tell you how good it was! Soft sponge cake and more

Gluten Free Red Berries Galette to Celebrate 4 Years of Blogging


Four years ago I would not have known where this blog would take me. This place has helped me, when I needed to be present with myself. In each encounter with life more

Behind the Scenes with Claire Rosen and Some News


I wanted for a few weeks already to tell you more about the awesome shooting we had in Atlanta with the superwoman Claire Rosen. I met her last year at SCAD in her more