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Pastry Puffs with Cheese and Bacon

When I wake up this morning I was surprised to read in the news that in Romania and Bulgaria it has started already to snow. Here in Atlanta, the weather is still warm with 24-28°C and clear sky most of more

The Fine Arts and Florilegium – The Excerpts

“Artists have no choice but to express their lives.”Anne Truitt

In my first quarter at SCAD back in 2013, Florilegium has been the space that carried all my states of doubt, critical thinking, excitement more

A Thoughful Visual Journey of Atlanta

Even though this Sunday is gloomy and rainy, I am gonna share with you a few shots of sunny Atlanta that I took last week. I captured these beautiful images while roaming through my neighborhood or midtown more

What Liberty Ate Magazine

In The Spotlight

Anniversary Memories and a Banana Cream Cheese Genoise


A few days ago I celebrated my anniversary with this delicious genoise topped with banana cream cheese. I can not tell you how good it was! Soft sponge cake and more

Gluten Free Red Berries Galette to Celebrate 4 Years of Blogging


Four years ago I would not have known where this blog would take me. This place has helped me, when I needed to be present with myself. In each encounter with life more

Behind the Scenes with Claire Rosen and Some News


I wanted for a few weeks already to tell you more about the awesome shooting we had in Atlanta with the superwoman Claire Rosen. I met her last year at SCAD in her more