January 2019

Woman pouring vegetable juice

Lifestyle-Related Benefits from Engaging in Healthier Eating Habits

Now that you’ve decided to stick to healthier eating habits, you’ll want to find options that cater to your immediate needs. There’s no reason to be scared of making the change. You’re not beholden to anyone’s standards but the practical ones. If you want to make that first step, here are some more reasons to

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brown boots

Looking Like an Authentic Cowboy from the West

Thanks to modern pop culture, more people are appreciating the way cowboys and cowgirls look. From the OG Taylor Swift to Blake Shelton, everyone seems to love the Western look and how these people dress. Here, we will give you some tips on how you can look like you just stepped out of the West.

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Kids playing pillow fight

Hosting Your Kid’s First Slumber Party

For kids, no party can ever beat slumber parties. A night of non-stop stories and giggles, a foretaste of independence, and of course, the warm comfort of being around friends. Who wouldn’t want all of that? If you’re thinking about granting your child’s constant plea to host a sleepover at your house, there are ways

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Children on a birthday party

5 Birthday Ideas on Your Child’s Big Day

Planning a child’s birthday party is stressful for many parents, but the experience and memories that come along with it can be worth the all money and effort. To give your child the best day, here are five ideas to inspire you: Bouncing castles What is a party without a bouncing castle? Not a very

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red caviar

A Comprehensive Guide to Caviar Skin Care

For centuries now, beginning in Russia during the time of the czars, caviar has always been considered a luxury food item. Served in the ballrooms and dining rooms of the rich and powerful with a flute of champagne, caviar has always been an indulgence, with prices of a tin well over hundreds of dollars. But

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garden restaurant

The Many Benefits of Putting Up a Garden in Your Restaurant

Now that your restaurant is slowly growing and becoming more recognised by patrons, it’s time to start considering upgrades. If you have extra space in your restaurant, a personal garden can be a perfect addition to your business. The following are just some of the perks you can get from this addition: More Space for

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a garden

Spring Flowering Shrubs You Should Plant in Your Commercial Property

Flowers, as is commonly known, depict the arrival of spring. On top of being colorful and bright, they offer a delicately fragrant smell that fills the air. If you’re going to introduce new plants to your commercial property, consider flowering shrubs. The colorful flowers, along with their refreshing scent, will help your customers, visitors, shoppers,

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Friends dining with a view

Dining with a View in Singapore

Dining has always been an exciting experience in Singapore. Even before hipster cafes and chic restaurants started to dot the cityscape, the allure of its cuisine has been an attraction to locals and tourists alike. Now some restaurants are taking the cue to take fine dining to new heights–literally. There are many of these hidden

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