April 2019

HIV blood tests

How a Potential Vaccine for HIV Works

HIV attacks the cells in a person’s immune system, causing them to weaken. The virus destroys a specific type of white blood cell while it multiplies and in the process, decreases the body’s immunity. It means that someone with HIV will have difficulty in battling any infection. It is applicable for those who are not

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Get Ready for Those Double Diamonds

Skiing is a very challenging sport, and it’s a lot of fun. However, once you go to higher and more challenging slopes, like Canada’s Revelstoke or the Swiss Alps, you’ll need more than just a bit of skill and experience. Get Fit If you want to challenge the longer ski runs, you’ll need a bit

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Beautiful woman presenting 'peeling back' anti-aging concept. Beauty treatment.

Reverse the Clock: The Truth About Ant-Aging Skincare

Finding the right skincare routine can be a huge challenge for many. There’s a plethora of selection from many different brands, from serums and oils to creams and toners. This becomes even more overwhelming when you’re no longer in your teens. The most common question is: when is the right time to start using products

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solar panels

Residential Solar Power for a Sustainable Future

Your roof can generate enough power to take you off the grid. That is possible if you have the means to invest in a solar power system from SunPower dealers. Some providers offer greater power outputs than others. If your family wants something more specific, then all you have to do is to specify your

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Marina bay Singapore at dusk

Five Wedding Venues to Consider in Singapore

Your wedding day is a big deal. It is a celebration of the love you share with your loved one and a declaration of the hope you have for the future. Making this life-changing event beautiful involves many things, but one important factor is the venue. The venue you pick will influence many things, including

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4 Things to Look Into When Getting a Replacement Window

Windows may all look the same, and they might seem like they serve just one purpose: to protect your house from the harsh elements outside. However, windows can do more than what you expect, and they are more than just decorations for your home. Choosing a replacement window is not that easy, and you would

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a woman looking at art collection

A Quick Guide to Cultivating an Art Collective

The image of a solitary artist, brooding in front of his unpainted canvas is a classic. Real life is an inspiration for this image. There are artists who prefer to do their work alone. But today, a lot of creative types are joining social groups called “art collectives.” The idea of like-minded artists banding together

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Little girl with painted hands

ADD’s Basic Questions, Answered

A kid running around here and there and shouting is a common scenario in playgrounds. But a child who cannot be tamed and controlled in other public places like shopping stores, the church, or even in school is not. A lot of people are quick to judge both the parent and the child, often citing

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Man breaking the cigarette

Quitting the Habit of Smoking: Health Benefits on Your Body

You see warnings almost everywhere; from TV ads to awareness posters, social media, and even on the packets of cigarettes themselves. You’re told about how dangerous it is to be addicted to the product and the act of using it. But still, cigarettes have been one of the most bought products next to food and

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