June 2019

Depressed woman sitting on the bed

How Your Mental Condition Affects Your Monthly Period

Apart from having an impact on the way you feel inside and out, mental health conditions can also affect your reproductive health, especially your menstrual cycle. They can either cause or trigger menstruation problems or worsen period pain and other related issues. This can also be attributed to a rise and fall of certain hormone

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Surgeons examining x-ray

Cauterization: Outlining the Realities Behind the Myths

Although frequently mischaracterized in action films, cauterization remains one of the most important surgical techniques in use in modern medicine. The way surgeons and physicians use cautery relies on sterile clinical environments and modern tools. Cauterization (or cautery) is one of the oldest known surgical techniques, having been used extensively to close wounds since the

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lonely person

Are You Experiencing Delayed Grief?

Grief is frustratingly unpredictable. Sometimes, you show signs of mourning even before your loved one dies. Other times, you feel like you’ve recovered from the deep sadness, only to be triggered yet again by a song at the grocery store or a picture of a dog on a friend’s social media profile. What’s most unpredictable

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pair of stud earings

Jewelers Can Shine Brighter Through Great Photography

When it comes to jewelry, Marilyn Monroe once sang that people eventually lose their charms “but square cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape.” This could be one of the reasons that the market worth of the global jewelry industry reached $257 billion in 2017. It’s a lucrative industry that’s quickly adapting to

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brain from the inside

Dementia Alternative Treatments

Dementia is a brain disorder characterized by loss of cognitive functioning such as remembering, reasoning, and thinking. In some cases, it’s accompanied by problems with behavioral abilities that can interfere with one’s daily activities. Usually, a person with dementia have problems with language skills, memory, problem-solving, self-management, memory, and the ability to concentrate. Due to

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Man on stage with star on background

More Than Acting: Factors That Affect Chances of Bagging a Dream Role

The life of an actor or actress has a certain amount of unpredictability to it. From a near-nameless nobody, you can suddenly get your big break. That’s what attracts some into the profession, and the concept of the dream role is what many aspire for. When you’re making this your goal, however, then you can’t

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tending the garden

Remodel Your Backyard without Breaking the Bank

There are many ways to turn your backyard into a beautiful garden without having to break the bank. As long as you use your imagination and be resourceful, you can do anything you want with your backyard. And if you’re in Utah, your lawn will never have to dry out because of so many specialists

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classroom setup

Preventing School Shootings with Preemptive Response

Shooting incidents are becoming scarier with each new occurrence. Parents and teachers have been wondering what to do to keep these from happening again. For security in schools to be improved and reduce the likelihood of shooting and other untoward incidents, there are four big steps that can be taken. These include preemptive response, limiting

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Man no appetite

Men: the Ignored Victims of Anorexia

The poster girl for anorexia has always been a girl. When you flip through web images, you’ll find photos of skinny women for the search query “anorexia.” But the harsh reality of this eating disorder is that it isn’t just exclusive to ladies. It affects men, too. They’re often the ignored sufferers because of society’s

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wedding photograph outdoor setting

Types of Editing Styles for Wedding Photographs

Your wedding photos are among the most important reminders of the biggest day in your love life. You might take considerable time to pick the best photographer from your options, but things might still go wrong. You need not accept anything less than perfect when it comes to your wedding photos since these will remain

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