July 2019

woman sleeping

How to Make Yourself Fall Asleep Faster

Can’t seem to keep your mind from racing as you’re about to sleep? There’s no doubt that a racing mind could be a massive obstacle to restful sleep. This is, in fact, among the most common issues that individuals with insomnia struggle with, according to the National Sleep Foundation. If insufficient slumber is interfering with

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Your Guide to Remaining Safe While Riding a Horse

Riding a horse can excite you if you’re fond of fun sports. But most first-timers feel a mix of excitement and fear because it’s not something that you can learn quickly. There are so many things to recollect when you ride a horse. You need to learn the technique and how to ride safely. You’ll

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cool black woman playing the violin

The Stradivarius Violin: A Rare and Valuable Legacy to the World

An instrument that can be verified as made by Antonio Stradivari could fetch millions of dollars at any auction in the world. Stradivarius violins are now rare. There are only 600 instruments made, and a label with the Latin inscription Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno [date] is a valuable commodity indeed. What makes the Strad,

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Employees at a company party

What You Need to Throw a Good Company Party

It’s no secret that corporate life can be stressful. With the deadlines, competition, and pressure that permeate every aspect of office culture, it is no wonder that some people get burned out and would need something to take the stress away. This is why many companies organize at least one company-wide event each year. This

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woman having pain on her hip

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Hip Pain Management

Some level of discomfort is, unfortunately, a part of life. People have different pain thresholds, but few can withstand hip pain. This is because of the abundant nerve supply of the hip region and its weight-bearing properties. Unfortunately, hip pain is the leading cause of discomfort in seniors. Most of them suffer varying co-morbidities owing

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Smiling pregnant woman

Yes, There’s Really Such a Thing as “The Pregnancy Glow”

Some women loathe some of the side effects that come with being pregnant—morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet, and dull skin. While in addition to the gift of life itself, others are blessed with that lovely pregnancy glow. That being said, there are mommas-to-be that end up being more excited than others with this pregnancy

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couple sitting next to each other

Broken Marriage: Giving Love Another Shot

Marriage is sacred, but why is it that in many times, people get divorced? There are many married couples who want to go their separate ways, forgetting how they loved each other. If you’re having this problem as well, going to relationship counseling sessions in your Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood may enlighten you. Listed below

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Small gift in the hands of a woman indoor. Shallow depth of field with focus on the little box.

Awesome Reasons to Go for Environment-Friendly Consumable Gifts

Are you looking to impress someone with something beautiful and actually useful? Here’s a level up from the rookie status of gift-giving and see why environment-friendly gifts have become the popular option for the expert gift-givers out there. It’s Clutter-Free Let’s face it. We all had received a few things we’re not exactly crazy about,

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Couple holding hands during romantic dinner

How France Became Known for Being Romantic

Think of a country that is known for something as abstract and universal as love. Did France come to mind? Well, you’re not alone in thinking that. With its famous capital recognised as the City of Love, most of us dreaming of a romantic vacation long to visit this country. But have you ever wondered

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minimalist living space

Creating a Minimalist Look Inside Your Home

After becoming popular in the early ’90s, minimalist interior design has shown that it’s more than just a trend. It’s also proof that creating a warm and welcoming home doesn’t need to have extravagant pieces of furniture to make it stand out. So, if you’re interested in replicating it in your home, you need to

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