March 2020

Korean foods

More than Just Kimchi: the Generosity of Korean Cuisine

There is a Korean invasion happening all over the world. It’s not just K-Pop or the rising popularity of telenovelas, but more importantly, a growing following for Korean cuisine. While it may not be as popular as Japanese food yet, Korean cuisine is gradually taking over the hearts and stomachs of millions of diners and

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person editing a video on laptop

Video Marketing Statistics and Their Impact on Your Business

Do you have a budget that you have set aside for corporate video production? Maybe it’s time to do so. Plenty of studies show that video marketing is an important strategy for businesses looking to stand out. Here are a few that you can ponder on: 1. 51% of all videos are played on mobile

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puppy and owner

A New Addition: What to Do When You Adopt a Puppy

When you’re thinking of getting a pet, one of the best ways to do so is by adopting a puppy. This allows you to raise your dog from childhood, allowing you to get to know them and their quirks. But a puppy is a major responsibility and you need to treat them right if you

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traveling with friends

Trips and Friends: What Should You Consider?

Entering the world of adulthood entails getting used to the fast-paced lifestyle that often accompanies this new chapter in our lives. We have a lot more responsibilities to handle and, at the same time, more stress to manage through. A great way of preventing ourselves from burning out too quickly is by taking the occasional

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facial treatment

5 Benefits of Getting Professional Acne Treatment

Acne affects a wide range of population – men and women, young and old. However, adolescents are frequently affected by this skin condition more than any age group since they are in a stage in which their bodies are highly active. In the most severe cases of acne infection, the person’s entire face and even

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Ideas for Evaluating Your First Date

Finding someone who matches your dream partner is not easy because of the busy lifestyles nowadays. An active lifestyle and whatever else stops you from dating does not have to mean leading a lonely life. You can still meet people who meet your needs and make an ideal match by signing up for matchmaking services.

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