July 2020

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Do You Have to Be a Certain Size to Be Healthy?

In this age where beauty standards have diversified, people are no longer pressured to maintain a certain size, skin color, hair type, etc. The body positivity movement has empowered countless individuals to see themselves as beautiful, no matter their weight. It campaigns against body-shaming, which is a culture of degrading people, especially women, for being

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Making Sustainable Living a Design Choice in Your Home

Any woman who wants to live independently knows that they need to build a home that will be liveable, energy-efficient, and self-sustaining. It is a lifestyle choice that many women consider but often find that the demands of energy efficiency and sustainability might be too much for their first home. So when they have saved enough

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Why and How Women Can Nurture Self-worth

Many people these days have little-to-no confidence in themselves. Most women find it hard to feel confident to say what’s on their mind or even dress the way they want. Many also tend to personalize their mistakes, forcing themselves to say sorry for the littlest things. But why do women tend to have a lower

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What Kind of Sound Mix Suits Your Taste?

When you listen to your music playlist, you find that there are different sound mixes that suit certain songs or genres. Even if what you have now is just a rental sound system, playing around with its settings could help in having one that could suit most of your needs. But if you are willing to

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