October 2020


Imperfections That Shouldn’t Define Beauty But Can Signify a Problem

In the age of body positivity and “love myself” movements, many people, especially women, have grown to accept their flaws, from unruly frizzy hair down to stubby toes. Thanks to that, more women are becoming confident, and beauty standards have diversified. Indeed, it’s absurd to expect that women can be perfect, so many celebrities have

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Gender Expression is Multi-Faceted

In gender theory, sex and gender are two different things. The former is biological and refers to the male-female binary. The latter how a person identifies. It does not always conform to the binary. A person can be born female but do not entirely feel like they are a woman. The same with males: a

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A Guide to Writing a Brand Story

The success of your business hinges on your marketing efforts. While there are many ways to get the word out, brand storytelling has long proven to be a successful strategy to boost your company’s profile. If done right, you can even inspire trust and loyalty among your customers. Storytelling allows you to tell the world

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‘Would Die to Be Beautiful’: Makeup in Ancient Times

One of the fastest-growing industries in this day and age is the makeup industry. More and more people have dabbled into makeup for both men and women as the world continues to evolve and break free from its toxic traditions and continue to be more accepting. The cosmetics industry has also become popular even to

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Stave Off Back Pain with These Best Practices

There are different causes of back pain. While most are unknown, some are brought about by muscle strain due to weight gain, accidents, or injuries. Having a desk job that requires you to work on the computer and sit for almost seven to eight hours a day would already give you these problems, but they

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Before the Big Day: Essential Self-Care Pointers for Brides

As your big day nears, you will start to notice that things get busier and more hectic. You will find yourself talking to more people and dealing with suppliers and guests, which takes a lot of your time. On top of that, you may be stressing out about the outcome of your event, and you

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The Broke Girl’s Guide to Alternative Therapy Options

Therapy can be quite pricey, but being broke shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to get the help that you need. Depression and anxiety need constant medical attention, so a hefty price tag shouldn’t scare you off from considering all the other options available to you. You don’t have to shell out an exorbitant

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Ring Insurance? What It is and whether you Need It

Do you remember the viral proposal video on the waterfall? During the video shooting, the engagement ring fell. That was no one’s fault, but there are lessons that one can pick from the scenario. One of the biggest lessons from that incidence is the need for ring insurance. Whether you are buying an engagement or

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