March 2021

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Let Go: Calming Activities That Remove Negative Thoughts

Mental health experts, life coaches, and motivational speakers all tell us that there’s only one secret to happiness: positive thinking. They say that optimism benefits our mind, body, soul, and even our goals. The more we believe that we can get what we want, the more likely we’ll attract it. But the positive thinking fanfare

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How to Honor and Empower Women This Women’s Month

March is International Women’s Month, which means we will be hearing a barrage of inspiring and empowering messages and images for women all over the world. And rightly so — after all, women have suffered for centuries and have fought for equal rights, and continue to do so today. At its core, International Women’s Month began as

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Watch Out, The Modern Diet Isn’t As Healthy As We’d Like

We think that food is one of the most incredible things out there that you can enjoy, from tasty dishes, fulfilling main courses, and the sweet touch of that first bite to dessert, nothing compares to the happiness and satisfaction a good meal gets you. However, in today’s modern landscape, most of the products and

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Movies that Present and Help Empower Women

You’re sitting there wondering what to do with all your free time at home because of the pandemic. If you’ve finished the tasks you need to do for today, grab a bowl of popcorn and sit in front of your television screen for a relaxing experience. If you don’t know what to watch yet, remember

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The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Women with Disabilities

The beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has left most people with vulnerabilities behind. As cities and countries enforced several restrictions on mobility to prevent the spread of the virus, it also led to the addition of challenges that women with disabilities would have to face during the pandemic. For example, social isolation has enabled the

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