hospice care

Tactics for Boosting Appetite in People Undergoing End-Of-Life Care

When your loved one receives a terminal disease diagnosis, the race starts against time. Prompt treatment is essential to maximize the odds of a favorable outcome. Even so, treatment might, sometimes, stop if a condition will not benefit much from it. But this does not mean that a patient is only a few days away

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Road to Straight Teeth: How to Take Care of Braces

Braces might get a bad reputation due to how awkward they might feel for the first few weeks they’re on. It doesn’t help that people usually get braces during adolescence when self-esteem depends on appearance and judgment from their peers. However, braces do more than improve one’s smile. They are able to correct overcrowded and

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bald head

Scalp Micropigmentation: Why Get One?

Losing hair can be a devastating blow to a person’s self-confidence, which could lead to anxiety, social withdrawal, and other psychological effects. For many people who are living in Nevada and other states across the country, the easiest way to cover up hair loss is through a wig that is commercially available. However, it poses

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keto diet concept

Can a Keto Coach Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

Everyone wants to be healthier. In fact, most people include that in their New Year’s resolutions. They vow to start some sort of a healthy diet as the year begins. Now, many choose to follow the ketogenic diet because of its many health benefits. But, how many have actually pushed through with it? How many

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fungal infection

The Risk Factors of Nail Fungal Infection

Your toes are often moist and damp making it a haven for yeasts, fungi, and molds. Thus, a lot of people develop toenail fungus or onychomycosis at some point in their life. Nail fungal infection can be challenging to cure as they don’t heal without a proper and consistent anti-fungal treatment. The signs of fungal

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face acne

Getting Rid of Face Acne 101

Acne is a common problem for adolescents and young adults. It happens when red bumps or small cysts appear on the parts of the body, particularly the face. Acne is formed when the pores get clogged due to stress and hormones. It can enlarge if bacteria get inside your skin, causing inflammation. A myth is

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Strong child with muscles drawn on chalkboard

Lead the Way: Modeling Your Child’s Early Fitness Habits

At the dawn of the millennium, we worried about youth getting hooked on video games and fighting over whose turn it was at the computer. Now, with a phone in everybody’s hands, the potential to get hooked on a variety of apps and social media diversions is endless. Most people would agree that we all

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Model in side view

A Broken Nose: All Common Questions Answered

Pinocchio is a famous cartoon character whose nose gets longer every time he tells a lie. Had Pinocchio been a real person, he would have had sustained various types of nasal injuries because of his nose length. But, even an average Joe is prone to such injuries because the nose is designed to stick out, and thus,

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woman having pain on her hip

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Hip Pain Management

Some level of discomfort is, unfortunately, a part of life. People have different pain thresholds, but few can withstand hip pain. This is because of the abundant nerve supply of the hip region and its weight-bearing properties. Unfortunately, hip pain is the leading cause of discomfort in seniors. Most of them suffer varying co-morbidities owing

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Smiling pregnant woman

Yes, There’s Really Such a Thing as “The Pregnancy Glow”

Some women loathe some of the side effects that come with being pregnant—morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet, and dull skin. While in addition to the gift of life itself, others are blessed with that lovely pregnancy glow. That being said, there are mommas-to-be that end up being more excited than others with this pregnancy

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