dental implants

Types of Flaps Used in Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are the primary choice for the management of gaps in your oral cavity. You might assume that gaps in your teeth are nothing to worry about. These gaps, however, leave your jaws bare and will cause the shrinking of your jawbone and the shift of other teeth. This leads to crooked teeth that

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First crop of organically grown carrots

Why You Should Start Juicing and Drinking Your Carrots Today

By now, you are most probably aware that vegetables are good for your health. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that can fight off and prevent certain diseases and illnesses. One of the many vegetables that have amazing benefits is carrots, which is why we will be discussing how it can benefit you and

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woman holding her neck in pain

Symptoms to Look Out for If You Think You Have Whiplash

Accidents can happen anytime when you least expect it. No matter how much you follow traffic rules and wear your seatbelt diligently, some irresponsible driver on the road can put you and other people’s lives in danger. Worse, irresponsible driving can cause serious injuries and even death. One of the common injuries that vehicular accident

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Depressed woman sitting on the bed

How Your Mental Condition Affects Your Monthly Period

Apart from having an impact on the way you feel inside and out, mental health conditions can also affect your reproductive health, especially your menstrual cycle. They can either cause or trigger menstruation problems or worsen period pain and other related issues. This can also be attributed to a rise and fall of certain hormone

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Surgeons examining x-ray

Cauterization: Outlining the Realities Behind the Myths

Although frequently mischaracterized in action films, cauterization remains one of the most important surgical techniques in use in modern medicine. The way surgeons and physicians use cautery relies on sterile clinical environments and modern tools. Cauterization (or cautery) is one of the oldest known surgical techniques, having been used extensively to close wounds since the

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brain from the inside

Dementia Alternative Treatments

Dementia is a brain disorder characterized by loss of cognitive functioning such as remembering, reasoning, and thinking. In some cases, it’s accompanied by problems with behavioral abilities that can interfere with one’s daily activities. Usually, a person with dementia have problems with language skills, memory, problem-solving, self-management, memory, and the ability to concentrate. Due to

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Man no appetite

Men: the Ignored Victims of Anorexia

The poster girl for anorexia has always been a girl. When you flip through web images, you’ll find photos of skinny women for the search query “anorexia.” But the harsh reality of this eating disorder is that it isn’t just exclusive to ladies. It affects men, too. They’re often the ignored sufferers because of society’s

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How Can a Chiropractor Help After a Car Accident?

Getting involved in a car accident is a particularly difficult time. Aside from the stress of dealing with your wrecked car, you also have to have yourself checked for injuries. Most car accident injuries don’t show symptoms right away, but it’s still important to get medical attention as soon as possible. This will also help

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dental check up

When Digital Crosses Over: Tech Developments in Medicine

The digital age has brought many changes to various industries. Advances in digital medicine, in particular, has made certain treatments safer and more accessible. New techniques and innovations have also made previously unaffordable procedures cheaper, improving patient outcomes and world health. What are some of the fields in medicine improved by technological advances? Digital Orthodontics

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taking care of a loved one

Caring for a Dying Loved One

Taking care of someone you love who could die anytime soon can be difficult physically and emotionally. Whether it is mainly due to old age or terminal illness, preparing yourself to care for them and their eventual passing is not easy at all. Our loved ones deserve the best care, but how do we give

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