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Let Go: Calming Activities That Remove Negative Thoughts

Mental health experts, life coaches, and motivational speakers all tell us that there’s only one secret to happiness: positive thinking. They say that optimism benefits our mind, body, soul, and even our goals. The more we believe that we can get what we want, the more likely we’ll attract it. But the positive thinking fanfare

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Watch Out, The Modern Diet Isn’t As Healthy As We’d Like

We think that food is one of the most incredible things out there that you can enjoy, from tasty dishes, fulfilling main courses, and the sweet touch of that first bite to dessert, nothing compares to the happiness and satisfaction a good meal gets you. However, in today’s modern landscape, most of the products and

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Making Room For More Creative Spaces

Leisure times are certainly not quite as fun if it does not involve entertainment and creativity. While chilling out could simply mean not doing anything at all, making most of your free time by investing in your hobbies sure does help you regain momentum after a long week’s work. Having a worthwhile hobby does not

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Can Work And Play Go Together In 2021?

A daring question indeed, and some might even call us crazy for even bringing up the thought, but something deep inside tells us it’s possible if you’re up for the task. Normally, you wouldn’t want to mix serious work hours and leisure time because that’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up missing out on

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Exercising in the Middle of a Pandemic

We may be in the middle of a pandemic, but it’s still important for us to stay fit by exercising. It’s even recommended that adults should exercise for 150 to 300 minutes each week. But you should remember to practice proper health protocols when you exercise. So, it means you should avoid places where people

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How to Enhance Your Quality of Life

What comes to your mind when you think of your quality of life? Many people mistake the quality of life to be the same as the standard of living, but it is more than that. It includes your health, happiness, vitality, leisure, among other factors. Below are some essential ways to improve your quality of

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How to Raise Socially-Conscious Kids

Soon, our kids’ decisions and morals will impact the direction the world is taking. For this reason, we as parents should focus on raising our children to be the upstanding citizens the world needs. Of course, we’re preaching to the choir– most parents realize this and try their best to put their children on the

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The 4 C’s to Self-improvement

At this very moment, you may think that you are stuck in a world of stagnation. This is a world where everything has little improvement and development, and that everything sometimes includes you. You think that no matter what you do and how much you try to improve yourself, you still remain the same, and

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