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Scientific Ways to Help Improve Self-love

There’s no denying that the pandemic has caused a shift in so many people’s psyches. Relatively well-adjusted people found themselves dealing with massive changes in their lives. However, for people who were already struggling before the COVID-19 crisis hit, dealing with this new, abnormal challenge is the cherry on top of what was already a

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working woman

New Year 2021: Ideas for Changing for the Better

Ladies, the year 2020 has been difficult for the whole world, what with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we all live. But the good thing is 2020 is almost over, and 2021 offers each one of us the chance to start anew. So come 2021, be ready to change for the better by doing

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Imperfections That Shouldn’t Define Beauty But Can Signify a Problem

In the age of body positivity and “love myself” movements, many people, especially women, have grown to accept their flaws, from unruly frizzy hair down to stubby toes. Thanks to that, more women are becoming confident, and beauty standards have diversified. Indeed, it’s absurd to expect that women can be perfect, so many celebrities have

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Gender Expression is Multi-Faceted

In gender theory, sex and gender are two different things. The former is biological and refers to the male-female binary. The latter how a person identifies. It does not always conform to the binary. A person can be born female but do not entirely feel like they are a woman. The same with males: a

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Ring Insurance? What It is and whether you Need It

Do you remember the viral proposal video on the waterfall? During the video shooting, the engagement ring fell. That was no one’s fault, but there are lessons that one can pick from the scenario. One of the biggest lessons from that incidence is the need for ring insurance. Whether you are buying an engagement or

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Healthy eating

A Guide to Promoting Healthy Diet Without Body-Shaming

The body positivity movement has uplifted countless people all around the world. It paved the way for plus-sized fashion models. “Mukbang” videos prospered on YouTube, and instead of being shamed, the people eating to their heart’s content in the videos are admired. Food and eating became such fads that new restaurants pop out almost every

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Pet dog

Making Yourself and Your Dog Lose Weight

Is your pet making you feel better? Perhaps seeing and touching her calms you and keeps you sane amid all the problems and stressors you are encountering. If so, then you need to keep your pet as healthy as you are. Half of the dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight. This means that

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daughter hugging her mother

Avoid These Things If You Want to Grow Your Daughter’s Self-esteem

Some kids are confident, proud of their achievements, and believe they can improve themselves to achieve the things they can’t do. They feel accepted and are risk-takers. On the other hand, some kids manifest poor self-esteem. Children with unhealthy self-esteem often compare themselves to others. They get overly emotional whenever they fail and you can

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Being Confident with Your Style: Things to Remember

You like dressing up and wearing beautiful things. Your style looks great, and people are complimenting the way you carry your pieces. Despite that, you still feel quite insecure about it. That’s normal. After all, the world cannot expect you to be confident all the time. And during these times, you need to have a

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Confidence-Building Suggestions Before Going on a Photoshoot

For several people, getting their photo taken makes them extremely nervous. It can be for one of many reasons, including the fear of being watched or seen, and thinking that they don’t look good enough. They may ask themselves, “How come other people can do it while I can’t?” If you’re one of the individuals

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