Businessman in a railway transit

Commuting May be More Dangerous Than Traveling Overseas

How hard is it to travel? You’ll need to pack a bag and make sure everything is within the allowable weight and volume. For overseas trips, you may also have to secure a visa. Local trips are easier, but they involve packing and paying for transportation and accommodation as well. Put in perspective, the daily

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Kids playing pillow fight

Hosting Your Kid’s First Slumber Party

For kids, no party can ever beat slumber parties. A night of non-stop stories and giggles, a foretaste of independence, and of course, the warm comfort of being around friends. Who wouldn’t want all of that? If you’re thinking about granting your child’s constant plea to host a sleepover at your house, there are ways

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Friends dining with a view

Dining with a View in Singapore

Dining has always been an exciting experience in Singapore. Even before hipster cafes and chic restaurants started to dot the cityscape, the allure of its cuisine has been an attraction to locals and tourists alike. Now some restaurants are taking the cue to take fine dining to new heights–literally. There are many of these hidden

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A Wisconsin Weekend: Places and Activities to Enjoy

The state of Wisconsin is divided into 72 counties, each boasting different attractions that surely bring enjoyment to tourists. For decades, Wisconsin has been a favorite weekend getaway in the Midwest. A quick 40-minute flight or 3-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Chicago promises you a fun and relaxing weekend in the picturesque Badger

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Food Places to try for Travelers

Must-Try Places a Foodie Traveller Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting Singapore

The island-country of Singapore has been a popular travel destination for its rich heritage, world-class tourist attractions and technology-ready environment. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or have visited Singapore many times before, there are still a lot of activities that you can do and tourist spots that you can explore. However, if you’re a passionate

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Reset Your Mind: Ways You Can Contemplate and Think While Traveling

There are many benefits that come with traveling. If you love traveling with your friends, you will find yourself getting drawn to them more. You will realize their good side and quirks, which all will make you love them even more. The same thing goes for the trip with your family. In short, vacations make

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